Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chalk Paint

It's everywhere! I'm dying to try it! Have any of you tried it? I even called my local Lowe's and they said they didn't carry it. I searched online and it's everywhere.

It comes in a bazillion colors. Not really, but maybe like 20!

The paint requires using the wax and the cutest little brush. By now I'm excited!!!!!!!!

Then I saw the price tags. Now I'm a wee bit disappointed. It's waaaaaaay  out of my  price range, especially with babies on the way.

This little lady is just  going to have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Good Ole Elbow GREASE!!!!

I'll make sure to take before and after pictures.

Happy Painting,


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  1. Hi Valerie from Oklahoma, no I haven't tried it, but I do know that you just have too -- some little place all your own with no wee ones around -- maybe an accent wall in your bedroom or bath. You deserve it -- I feel your yearning; no telling where you will end up -- good I mean -- Blessings Terri


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